Windermere Professional Partners in Pierce County, Washington, is all about bringing people together. Whether it’s agents within the company, members of the community, or agents from across the nation, the entire WPP family is a community-focused group of agents who value helping people reach their dreams and changing people’s lives for the better!

One of the things that WPP is most proud of is their culture. WPP values authenticity, passion, and care, and they believe that when an individual succeeds, the whole group succeeds. Collaboration, ongoing education, and an inclusive and diverse work environment are all highly valued by WPP’s leadership and agents.

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With offices throughout Pierce County in Tacoma, North Tacoma, University Place, and Gig Harbor, WPP is truly dedicated to being a dynamic part of the community, and part of this means giving back in a big way. WPP has not only donates tens of thousands of dollars to local organizations, but their agents have volunteered countless hours of their time over the years as well! MultiCare Tree House, YMCA after school care, Battered Women’s Shelter, Northwest Furniture Bank, and the DASH Center for the Arts are a few of the local organizations that have received donations in time and money from WPP.

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Windermere Professional Partners Co-owner Kevin Mullin shared a few thoughts on the upcoming Genuine Hustle conference in Tacoma:

Q: How did you hear about Genuine Hustle?

Kevin: Marguerite Giguere and Anne Jones shared their experience at the original Genuine Hustle conference in Denver, and they were really impressed by it and wanted to do something like that in Tacoma. I’m definitely excited that Genuine Hustle is here in Tacoma!

Q: Why are you sponsoring it?

Kevin: We’re sponsoring Genuine Hustle because bringing in different viewpoints and getting different conversations going with people from around the country helps all of us grow. More importantly, we all benefit from different perspectives on not only business, but life in general.

Q: What do you hope you and your agents will get out of the event?

Kevin: A different perspective on both life and business. I think that right now, there are some really important social issues that are going on—not just in our country, but around the world—and it’s good to bring a little humanity into our daily activities.

Q: Which speaker are you most excited to hear from?

Kevin: Jaclyn Ruckle – “Maintaining Relationships with a Global Customer COMMUNITY” and Stacie Staub – “Building Relationships Before, During, and After COMMUNITY Events.” Both interest me due to the focus on the larger community. As I mentioned before, I think for any business to be successful in the future, we have to be more attentive and understanding as to what is going on in our communities, and then how do we interact and get involved without being offensive? I know I could be doing a better job of this, and I am looking forward to getting some good direction from some experts in our industry!