Meet our Speakers! We are so excited to welcome all of these fine folks to the stage at Genuine Hustle Houston!

**We are still working on adding speaker profiles, so hang tight 🙂

Nicole Beauchamp

Nikki IS Manhattan Real Estate — with over a decade of experience in the industry, she’s trusted + respected globally by clients and peers as an expert in data and financial analysis, negotiation and marketing, and her command of the New York City real estate market  – but what we might love best about Nikki is her Instagram – you have to check it out + follow her lead in your own community!


Enid Cleland

Enid is our hostess with the mostest for Genuine Hustle Houston, and in a year filled with new challenges and exciting changes, including the opening of ReMax Collection Luxe Portfolio, and her dedication to helping her city recover from Harvey, Enid is the picture of surviving + thriving in the midst of it all. Find out more about her team at ReMax Collection.


Jennifer Egbert

Jennifer is the leading expert in  Boulder Luxury neighborhoods, and her expertise + unparalleled marketing definitely set her apart from the pack – but that’s not why we love her. Spend a little time with Jennifer, and you’ll quickly see that, behind the success + shine is a hard-working, no-bullshit power lady who goes all in when it comes to betting on herself. Pro tip: you’re going to want to follow her insta, trust us.


Valerie Garcia

Valerie is the co-organizer of Genuine Hustle Houston, and part of the glue that holds it all together! Traveling the world inspiring, training, workshopping, surprising + delighting is all just a day in the life of Val. Find out more about our resident superhero at


Elizabeth Golden

Elizabeth leads her team based on relationships, not houses, + her knowledge of the Huntsville market is second to none. The perfect blend of social butterfly + statistics guru, we love how Elizabeth’s passion for transparency + trust flows through to her leadership + generosity in our industry as well.


Shannon Harrington

Shannon can be found in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Intentional manifestor + life hugger, she is also the owner of Blue Ridge Fine Properties, as well as Queen City Concepts Historic Restoration. She is most fired up when assisting folks to diversify-and-conquer for maximum freedom, and is known for making them drink a lot of water while they are doing it, so don’t be surprised if she encourages you to stay hydrated in Houston while sharing her journey with you. 


Alyssa Hellman

Alyssa is one of those people that just can’t help it – she loves what she does, and she’s so outrageously good at it, she never stops. The Founder of Compass South Consulting, she got here the hard way – by doing the work of Real Estate – and now she shares those lessons learned and strategies for success with everyone who will listen. Be warned – those cowboy boots mean business, and Alyssa will hold you accountable the minute you become a member of the Genuine Hustle community! Learn more about Alyssa at


Anne Jones

Anne is everything we want to be when we grow up – Power Lady in her community, leading the charge with her Snacks for Schools program and local activism – Broker Owner of Windermere Abode, heading up a team of awesome agents – Super Mama, getting it all done with her two boys in tow…and a Top-Producing Realtor, too! Pro tip: sneak in some bonus time with Anne in Houston, if you’re willing to get up for an early run, exploring the city + only stopping to Instagram amazing architecture or for really good coffee 🙂


Leslie Heindel

Leslie is a New Orleans Realtor with Crescent City Living. Leslie was rookie of the year in 2015 + Agent of the Year for 2017. She lights good juju candles for her clients when putting in an offer or in a pickle. Those juju candles are strong woman she admires – like Beyoncé, Bea Arthur, Kamala Harris, and Dolly Parton. (We love this!)  She’s one of the most genuine hustlers we know…and you have to check out the beautiful video featuring the city she loves on her website,


Lisa Heindel

Lisa is the resident geek, amateur photographer, food enthusiast and marketing specialist at Crescent City Living in New Orleans, where Leslie (see above) likes to call her the Overlord — out of love, of course. Her tenacity, persistence + strength make Lisa one of our Real Estate superheroes — from Katrina to the Recession, we love how she consistently makes (vodka-infused) lemonade out of any lemons that come her way, and how she turns challenges into opportunities, again + again. Pro tip: Ask Lisa about the Big Chicken + Midget…you won’t regret it.


Lynn Johnson

Lynn is one of our favorite Southern gals…with a true love for monogramming, bright prints and traditional architecture, she’s our go-to for FB Live inspiration (you have to watch the Carpool Chronicles!) as well as her ability to pivot with challenges + changes without missing a beat. Check out and don’t forget your “Mr.’s and Ma’am’s” – this mama doesn’t mess around with bad manners 😉


Marguerite Martin

Marguerite is a mainstay on the Genuine Hustle stage, and she always brings not only fresh energy to our space…but also implementable ideas that you will be able to steal + use in your daily business right away.  A Realtor with Windermere in Tacoma, and the founder of as well as the Community Marketing Course, you can get to know Marguerite a little better by listening to her podcast.


Jennifer Kjellgren

Jennifer’s heart is in Intown Atlanta where the eclectic urban core neighborhoods fill her with a sense of appreciation, passion, and purpose – and as the Founder of Intown Expert Realty in Midtown Atlanta she walks the walk by helping people discover their Intown, as buyers, as sellers, as people who want to find the home where their heart is. We don’t know what we love most – Jennifer’s determination to innovate + evolve as one of our Real Estate heroes – or her amazing porch swing…


Allie McCarthy

Allie does everything with true passion – from serving her clients as part of The Arrow Group at West + Main Homes, to jumping in + teaching newer agents, to community marketing, and even planning her own upcoming wedding. Her energy is seriously contagious, and Allie is the ultimate implementer, goal-setter and boundary-breaker! (Make sure to follow her insta-stories – they are among the best in our business!)

Kristin McFeely

Kristin is passionate about homes…and the people who live in them. This is obvious in every single piece of her marketing and communication for her brokerage, the Philly Home Girls Team. It’s really tough for us to nail down our favorite part of Kristin’s strategy, but we know it’s special, and it definitely works. Pro tip: Try to find a quiet moment with Kristin in Houston, whether it’s over a glass of something bubbly, or a quick chat between sessions…she’s a gal who thrives on deep connection, and she’s definitely worth getting to know!

Heather Ostrom

Heather O. is the Marketing Manager and for Coldwell Banker’s Roseville + Rocklin Living Team in California. She’s a graphic designer at heart – and a stickler for details – known for the clean, consistent branding that has helped her team rise to the top of the pack within our industry. Ask Heather for an honest critique of your marketing collateral – we promise she won’t hold back – and find out more about her at



Matt Polinchak

Matt is one of the best implementers that we know – from developing individual branding for Live Raleigh Realty, to hiring a coach and applying his teaching experience to create wonderful experiences for his clients, he’s always willing to jump in, share, learn + grow: the definition of a Genuine Hustler! We’re pulling Matt out of the audience and onto the stage…who’s next?!


Eric Sachs

Eric is the founder of – one of the few Real Estate resources that we don’t know what we would do without. You’ll feel Eric’s passion for helping Realtors grow their businesses the minute he walks in the door – but don’t miss the chance to ask him about his years as a Detective, his time as a brokerage owner, and the reason he believes so strongly in the potential of every single Real Estate pro!


Melanie Piche

Melanie is one of those amazingly well-rounded people that make you spin just being around them – one minute she’s talking about the decorating adventures at her country estate – and the next, she’s spouting SEO tips + facts that are totally next-level. One of the Managing Directors at the BREL Group in Toronto, Melanie is the force behind their Top Producing team, and the creator of one of the best Real Estate websites that we have ever seen:


Brendan Powell

Brendan is the guy behind the gal — as the other Managing Director of the BREL Team, you’ll find him converting potential clients as fast as Mel can throw them at him – and he does it with skills, grace, and a style all his own. It takes expert negotiating + experience to thrive in Toronto’s fast-moving market, and Brendan’s track record (and his instagram) proves that he can have his beer + drink it, too!


Stacie Staub

Stacie is the Founder + Owner of West + Main Homes in Denver. She’s also the Creator behind Genuine Hustle. Send her team your Colorado referrals, y’all!


Krisstina Wise

Krisstina is the award-winning author of Falling For Money — and is also a local gal who has become well-known not only in the Real Estate industry, but as an advisor + coach through her system Wealthy Wellthy. Having literally gone to the brink + back again, she lived to tell her tales of failure, success, priorities + the importance of balance. Krisstina might be a Genuine Hustle newbie, but she’s the real deal that we can’t wait to hear + learn more from at Genuine Hustle Houston!


Kendyl Young

Kendyl is the founder of DIGGS Real Estate in Glendale, California. We are inspired by her creativity within the Real Estate space, as well as her natural tendency to boss us all around, which is genuinely appreciated. See what sets Kendyl apart from the rest at