8:30a –  Registration Begins

9:00a –  Kick-off with Alyssa Hellman & Zach Schabot

9:30a –  Celebrating the Try: Why Mildly Successful Things Are Wildly Important, Zach Schabot

10:00a – How One Man Went From Punk Rocker to CEO, Kit Hughes

10:30a – Break

10:45a – Stacie Staub

11:15a – Guiding With Guts: What Adoption Taught Me About Leadership, Sarah Jones

12:00p – Lunch

1:00p –  Content: What It Is, What It Ain’t, And What It Should Be, Valerie Garcia

1:15p – The Digital Mayor of Pleasantville: Targeting Consumers That Love You (And You Love, Too), Anne Jones

1:30p –  Putting Midtown on the Map, Stephanie Lanier

2:00p –  Break

2:30p – Road to Recognition: How To Establish Yourself As a Thought Leader, Seth Price

3:00p –  Rocking The Referral Game, Marguerite Giguere

3:30p –  Got A Minute? One Woman’s Guide To Taking Back Control of Your Schedule, Alyssa Hellman