Sarita Dua is a top-producing agent serving the Portland area since 2003. Passionate about work-life balance, Sarita shares her philosophy and offers tips to help other agents embrace a more well-rounded life without sacrificing productivity and results. Visit to learn more!


We’re so excited to hear from Sarita at Genuine Hustle! See what Sarita is most looking forward to… and what we can expect to learn from her:
Q: What will you be speaking about at Genuine Hustle?
Sarita: I am speaking about how to have a great business and take 100 days off.
Q: Why are you excited to come to Tacoma?
Sarita: I am excited to come to Tacoma because I have been to Seattle several times but never Tacoma. It is a crime, really, to never have been there. I am truly excited about the people, the networking, the sharing, and the learning. I am so excited to be among learning-based leaders that are transparent and real.

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