Planning an event is a huge undertaking. There are a million things that can go wrong, an endless list of reasons why something won’t work, and enough “what ifs” to drive a person crazy. But what happens when it does work? What happens when you stop worrying about what if something doesn’t work and you start planning like it will? What happens when you open your mind to the possibilities?

We want to find out. Genuine Hustle is coming to Raleigh and we’ve got some big things in store for you! The lineup of speakers is second to none, we’ve got some fun surprises planned throughout the day, and we’re going to challenge you to come with an open-mind and an open-heart. I personally promise you that you will end the day with more than you started it with. Stop asking what if I fail and start thinking about what you’re going to do when you succeed.

Join us. You won’t regret it. Tickets are available at